Access to Le Mas du Padre

Campsite Hérault

Camping Le Mas du Padre
4, Chemin du Mas du Padre
34540 Balaruc-les-Bains

04 67 48 53 41

Motorway A9

– 1 – Take the exit SÈTE

Follow the signs direction SÈTE.
After 500m turn right direction

– 2 –
At the first roundabout continue straight ahead directionBALARUC-LES-BAINS – SETE.
You’ll pass the CARREFOUR shopping centre at your left.
Then you arrive at a second roundabout, where you take again direction BALARUC-LES-BAINS SETE.

After 50 m you will see on the left side of the road the house MAISON GUITARD and just before it the “Chemin du Mas du Padre”, where the camping is located.

At the foot of that building is a sign indicating the direction of the campsite. But the continuing white line on the road doesn’t authorize a left turn: Pay attention! It is very dangerous to ignore this, as it is not possible to see the traffic coming full speed from the opposite direction. Therefore take a right turn 50 m further on, direction “”BALARUC-LES-BAINS – CAMPINGS”.

Then take immediately after a left turn (the direction of the camping is indicated) over the bridge across the main road you just left.
You reach again that main road, but in the opposite direction. After 50 m you see once again the MAISON GUITARD, now at your right side.

– 3 –
Just beyond that house, you turn right uphill on the “Chemin du Mas du Padre”. You will find the camping on your left after 200 m.
Please leave your vehicle for a short while on the right side of the street, in order not to obstruct the entrance of the camping, and walk to the check-in desk just behind the entrance.

highway N113

between Montpellier and Béziers


Then follow the instructions – 2 – et – 3 –

From Sète

In SETE follow direction GARE and then direction BALARUC-LES-BAINS.

At the first roundabout in BALARUC-LES-BAINS drive straight on.
50 m ahead, at the traffic lights, keep going straight on.
A little further there is a sign indicating BALARUC-LES-BAINS & CAMPINGS to the right.

Do not take that road, but go still straight ahead until you see the house MAISON GUITARD at your right hand.

Then follow instructions – 3 –